Simple Company Network Design: DNS & DHCP

Cavan Fowler
2 min readNov 27, 2022


With my strong interest in networks and how the work, I want to start applying theory from my CompTIA Net+ and Networks course to begin accumulating “hands-on” experience. Even though I feel like I understand concepts, learning to get these systems to actually work with one another within Cisco Packet Tracer is a bit different and is really fun to do.

My goal with this small project was to learn and see how DHCP and DNS interact with end devices, and to ultimately learn how to configure these two important networking services. In this project, I accomplished:

  • Configuring a DHCP server to assign IPs to network end devices starting from with a max of 20 users
  • Configuring a DNS server to include an A record and a CNAME record to allow searching of “” or the alternative name, “cisco”
  • Configuring a wireless access point to connect to the switch which allows wireless devices to join network

The biggest flaw with this simple network design is that I didn’t enable or configure security protocols/services. For example, adding 802.11x and a RADIUS server for authentication and port security would only be beneficial. Adding security to this simple design is my next learning objective for this personal project.


simple network design

DHCP Server Configuration:

DNS Server Configuration:

“PC2" IP Configuration:

Testing DNS with “PC2”:



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